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The future is a preventive, interdisciplinary health care where every human is looked at individually in its entirety.

Guardian Medical Care

An innovative medical infrastructure project

designed by the RVS Group.

The goal of our GMC thinktank project is to support and facilitate the development and implementation of one-stop medical centers that cover various disciplines, efficiently serving the local communities outside of cities and thus releasing urban hospital capacities.

Sub-urban and rural regions throughout Central Europe are experiencing a lack of resident physicians. City hospitals are coping with higher numbers of traveling patients and local emergency assistance is rare. Healthcare systems are not functioning, providers have vanished especially in rural areas, already before the COVID pandemic.

The recent case where clinics in Bavaria had to shut-down and emergency services could no longer cope with the amount of often trivial cases underline the demand situation.

This business unit is currently developing in cooperation with authorities and doctors.

Investors are invited to contact us for further details.

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The project is owned and designed by RVS Group, Austria.

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Guardian Medical Care

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